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Tuesday 16th April 2024 19:00-21:00

John Alcock on "Crypto 202"

John Alcock presents a follow-on workshop to the "Crypto 101" talk held in March.

Why attend?
• Reclaim Financial Sovereignty - Step away from the grips of centralized authorities.
• Prepare for Tomorrow - Be ahead in understanding the inevitable future of Crypto-Currencies and Central Bank Digital Currencies.
• Strengthen Community Bonds - Let's unite, learn, and uphold our shared values.

John Alcock has extensive experience in the financial world - from guiding businesses into significant growth phases, to mergers, acquisitions, contract negotiations, sales, internal development, supply chain management, project management, HR, and general business strategy. He has insider knowledge of the future of the banking industry in New Zealand.

Former candidate for Mayor in the Auckland Local Body Elections in 2022, John Alcock also stood as an electoral candidate for Pakuranga for Rock The Vote NZ in the New Zealand General Election in 2023, and has recently been appointed Chair of Rock The Vote NZ's National Politics Sub-committee.

Discover the world of cryptocurrency with Binance, the world's largest Crypto-Currency Exchange. Dive into the endless possibilities of non-custodial wallets like Exodus, Metamask, and Coinbase Wallet. Please bring your photographic ID (Driver's License or Passport) and a recent proof of address (less than 3 months old) to kickstart your Binance onboarding process.

If you've already got your Binance wallet set up, John will go deeper into how to transfer cryptocurrency funds as a means of exchange, answer your questions and provide hands-on support to make sure you are comfortable with Binance and can use it as a valuable tool.


Door charge $10

Limited seating - please email to reserve yourself a seat.

NOTE: Garnet Station Café is not open on a Tuesday evening, so bring your own water or non-alcoholic beverage (there is a dairy next door).





Sunday 14th April 2024 13:00-15:00

"Light, Love, Laws & Lies" - Dr. Darag Rennie

The Ponsonby Community Centre

20 Ponsonby Ter, Ponsonby, Auckland 1011

Rock The Vote NZ present Dr. Darag Rennie on his book "Light, Love, Laws & Lies" which is "primarily about how we are being lied to about everything of importance. A big part of that is the emotional manipulation that has been used to pull the wool over our eyes and set us up to be divided and conquered.

The process I see at the moment is that we learn to come to terms with that, so we can learn how best to stand up in the midst of this process to be an effective beacon for truth for ourselves, our families and humanity."

After qualifying as a medical doctor at Otago University, Darag Rennie left the allopathic medical profession to embark on a spiritual and holistic health journey. An author and educator on low carb, Paleo & and Ketogenic lifestyles, and Loving Relationships, Dr. Darag Rennie has many insights to offer into optimal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing

** Note: the guest speaker at this event is not affiliated with and his participation is not an indication that he endorses or represents Rock The Vote NZ **

Door charge $10

Please arrive early to buy food & drinks from the bar before we start.

Limited seating - please let us know if you are attending so we can reserve you a spot! Email

See also our Meetup Group


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